To apply for the Hope Center Scholarship, please fill out and submit the application: HC Scholarship Application

Application Deadline: May 5, 2019

Evaluation Criteria- please read below for more information.

Evaluation Criteria

In arriving at the evaluation criteria, we consider that scholarships should be awarded fairly and to qualified applicants. The quality, need, and good works of an applicant should be taken into consideration as monetary awards are made. It is the hope that this will aid in making decisions especially when scholarship monies are limited. Some recipients may receive a larger award than others depending on the evaluation.

Evaluation Criteria and Point system for Scholarship Applications

The following point system will be applied for each application.


Maximum Points

Completed Application



1 point for each year

Church Involvement


Community Involvement


Expressed Need


Relationship with Christ Statement


First time receiving scholarship


Total Possible

90 + years as a member

Hope Center Scholarship Committee

Hope Center Board of Directors shall appoint three individuals to the Scholarship Committee.  Committee members will serve a term on the committee for one-three years, and may be reappointed at the end of their term.

 Responsibilities include:

Review of all scholarship applications

Determine individuals to receive scholarship(s)

Determine amount of finances of each scholarship(s)

Oversee fund raising for the scholarship fund

Oversee the fund of the scholarship fund