Let’s learn how to create an online account!

    • Go to www.hopecenteronline.com
    • Click on the Give Now Tab under Giving
    • Click Register
    • Enter your email address and desired password
    • Click Create
    • You will receive an email to confirm your account set up. Click on the link provided.
    • Enter your password
    • Your Account has been successfully created.


Ready to Give?

    • Log into your account, unless you are already there
    • Enter the amount you wish to give
    • Choose the fund (Tithe, Offering, Missions, etc…)
      • To give to more than one fund, click on Add Another Donation
    • If you would like to make this a recurring donation click the Recurring Box
      • If this is a onetime donation do not click on the box.
    • Click Next
    • Fill in your donor information. Click Next.
    • Choose your payment method (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or eCheck)
    • Enter your Card or Account information
    • Click Donate


Need to update or change a recurring gift?

    • Go to www.hopecenteronline.com
    • Click on My Account
    • Click on the Recurring tab
    • Click Edit next to the gift you want to change
    • Make changes
    • Click update
    • Note: a transaction will not be processed if it is not your regularly scheduled time
    • Note: you can also delete an upcoming scheduled gift by clicking on Delete

More Questions, or having trouble? We are here to help.